0. Payment by bank card via virtual POS

0.1 On our website respectively “GVV” AD you can pay with a bank debit, credit or business card with the Visa and MasterCard logo through the virtual POS of our servicing bank, which is DSK AD part of OTP goup.

0.2 Payment security is protected through the International Card Organization (ICO) MasterCard Identity check and VISA Secure programs.

0.3 When paying with a card through the virtual POS of DSK Bank you will need to enter the card number, validity, CVV/CVC. If your card participates in the MCO MasterCard Identity check and VISA Secure program, you will need to enter a 3-D password.

0.4 We at or GVV plc do not collect, process or store card data. All card details are filled in personally by you on the secure payment page of our servicing bank.

0.5 Regardless of the currency of your bank account, the transaction will be executed in Bulgarian lev according to the current exchange rate of your servicing bank. All prices are final, VAT included.

0.6 In cases where a refund is required, whether in full or in part, and the payment is made by card then we will refund the amount by ordering a chargeback on the card used to make the payment within 14 days.

0.6 In terms of security, the maximum amount you can pay by card is BGN 5000.